Monitoring and Evaluation

The Careers & Enrichment programme is monitored for quality and impact by the Academy’s Senior Leadership and Governance Teams, including; 

·       Access to and opportunities to engage with technical, vocational and training providers 

·       Monitoring against the Gatsby Benchmarks 

·       Student destinations

Additionally,  we carry out surveys with selected students to measure the success of our programme and look at the impact it has made with regards to further career choices and knowledge. We also gather comments from staff who have accompanied students and facilitators on any careers related visits. In this way we can firstly gauge if we have met the expected outcomes and secondly if we should adjust what we do or indeed do the same activity again. The greatest impact we can see is that the facilitators want to work with us again and that students have followed up on the links which have been made. 

Through assemblies, form time activities and one-to-one interviews with students, students from South Bank University Academy have secured appropriate choices for further study and career choices both at post 16 and post 18. This is monitored through Southwark Choices.