Day 10

All students in Years 7 – 9 (ages 11 – 14) take part in project based learning as part of our innovative ‘Day 10’ curriculum. This involves students having a collapsed timetable from 11.30am to 3.40pm once every two weeks to allow them to take part in meaningful projects and off-site trips that will push them beyond the current National Curriculum and develop their sense of social responsibility.

Every two weeks each year group will be split into three groups. One group will take part in an off-site visit, one group will take part in a Project Based Learning activity and one group will take part in a community project. These groups will rotate throughout the year so every child will have the same opportunities to be involved in different projects.

The programme promotes skills – both transferable and specific – so that students can learn, hone and apply what they learn during their Day-10 projects to other situations within their life. Alongside this, the programme encourages our school values of social justice, kindness and empathy, endeavour and community throughout each project.

Research carried out by the Edge Foundation has proven the multitude of benefits to project based learning. “PBL blends content mastery, meaningful work, and personal connection to create powerful learning experiences, in terms of both academic achievement and students’ personal growth. It has also shown to yield a number of benefits for students, ranging from deeper learning of academic content to stronger motivation to learn”. Hence, our commitment to Day 10 is seen throughout the school and by all departments. Therefore, Day 10 activities encompass in school learning, community work, – both in and out of school -educational trips linked to their specific project, and engagement with companies across London in the form of Real World Learning Projects.

Every student is given a free chromebook which is used heavily during their day 10 projects alongside their other lessons. The chromebooks ensure that their learning content and information is always accessible, further enabling them to be constant learners.

We are proud to partner with a diverse mix of organisations such as Mowatt and Co architects, Southwark Arts, Salesforce, Thales Group and many more.

Day 10 will allow your child to experience at least four off-site trips throughout London, take part in projects coordinated with external businesses and universities and to participate in projects that will help benefit the local community.

Day 10 will take place on the following days for each year group:

Year 7 – Tuesday Week A Year 8 – Tuesday Week B

Year 9 – Friday Week A

Students on school trips must bring their zip card and packed lunch to school unless they are eligible for free school meals, in which case the school will provide lunch. Students will be informed in advance if they are due to attend a trip.

Some students doing community projects and project based learning may be required to go off-site; if this is the case they will also need to bring a zip card and packed lunch and the school will notify parents two days before via text.

We are proud to work with First Give to develop Social Action within our school community. We recently ran our inaugural ‘First Give’ final. Read all about it here

One of the organisations we work with are RESTORE THE MUSIC UK, a registered charity which seeks to reinstate access to music for every child in primary and secondary schools across London.

Click here to hear from our students.

We work with Solutions for the Planet to understand climate change, sustainability and ultimately, come up with innovative solutions. This project has been very kindly hosted by LSBU where students have been having fortnightly sessions to work on their ‘big ideas’. Students develop their research, design, presentation and teamwork skills, further preparing them for the future.

We work with professional hairstylist Casey who has been teaching our students specific hairstyling skills, working on allowing students to better understand their own hair types and needs, and teach students about self-love and affirmations and combining the niche skill of hairdressing with wellbeing. The students engage with the local community and develop a better understanding of entrepreneurship.

We work with Thales on a LEGO coding project very kindly hosted at the LSBU campus. Students go on a journey of understanding railway systems, what ground transportation systems are, what an engineer is and how engineering is embedded into railways and then progressively work towards being able to learn how to code their Lego kits. Not only are students learning the highly complex skill of coding, they are also being exposed to a complex industry, further enhancing their experience.

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