Examination Results



Quinn achieved A*AAA at A level and is progressing to the University of Manchester to study maths and philosophy. Charlie is heading off to UCL to study history. 


Ying Han (6 grade 9s, a Distinction in Music, 2 grade 8s)

Fatia (4 grade 9s, a Distinction in Music, 3 grade 8s, and a grade 7),

Oluseyi (2 grade 9s, 5 grade 8s a grade 7 and a grade 6).


Our congratulations go out to both our 2022 A-level and GCSE cohorts who have achieved great results, despite the challenges of lockdowns and remote learning which became an integral part of their courses


We are immensely proud of our students’ achievements in the year 2021-2022, as they have demonstrated their commitment to excellence. These outstanding results are a testament to the hard work, determination, and perseverance of our students and the exceptional teaching and guidance provided by our dedicated team.


Grade 9 in English, Computer Science, and Physics. Grade 8 in Maths and Chemistry. He is studying Maths, Physics, and Computer Science at A-Level


Grade 8 in Maths, English, Biology, and Computer Science. She is studying maths, english language and literature, and History.


Grade 9 in Physics. Grade 8 in Maths, Biology, and Chemistry. He is studying Chemistry, Biology, and Maths for A-Levels.


Grade 9 in Maths and Statistics. Grade 8 in Physics. He is studying Maths, Economics, and Music at South Bank University Academy Sixth Form. 


We are proud of out students who have achieved remarkable success, demonstrating the high standards and academic excellence we strive for at South Bank UA Sixth Form. We are committed to empowering our students, equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to excel in their future endeavours. Our dedicated team of teachers and staff continue to provide exceptional guidance, support, and tailored learning experiences to ensure each student reaches their full potential.

Mr Peter Young, Head of Sixth Form

Achieving Academic Excellence

Ayotunde Ogunnaiya, achieved A* in Maths, B in Computer Science and a B in Business Studies. Ayotunde is going on to study Computer Science at Queen Mary University.


Praise Bamitale, achieved A* in Biology, an A in Chemistry and an A in Physics. He will now go to Queen Mary University to study Biomedical Sciences.


Zaniab Shuaibu achieved one A* in Maths and two As in Chemistry and Biology. She’s looking to study veterinary medicine, and wants to be a veterinary surgeon.

(Left to Right) Ayotunde Ogunnaiya, Praise Bamitale, Zainab Shuaibu
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