Learning Overview

Our aim is to provide a high quality education for all our students; an empowering education which prepares them for a rich and fulfilled life. Our curriculum is designed to provide children with the core knowledge they need for success in education and later life and to develop their confidence, their ambition and their sense of social responsibility.

Each subject has a carefully structured method for ensuring students develop the knowledge they need to understand the world and human society and critically engage with it. We have planned our curriculum to help students become scholars in their chosen subjects, becoming independent thinkers and independent actors with integrity, honesty and the capacity to support their convictions.

Through our enrichment programmes we focus on the broader development of students beyond the acquisition of subject specific knowledge and its application. All our students take a series of courses and activities which support them to take responsibility for their learning, have respect for others, have the ability to work collaboratively in a range of contexts in and outside of school, develop their oracy skills, increase their cultural exposure and knowledge and support their progression to further educational and career destinations.

At South Bank University Academy we aim to provide the kind of education that will prepare young people not just to write a good exam, but to live a good life. If you have any questions about our curriculum offer, drop us a line at office@southbankua.org.uk

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