We are delighted to announce that the final report for the June 2022 Ofsted inspection visit has been published.

Please click here for the full report. South Bank University Academy is still officially a Good school under the new, more challenging Ofsted framework.

Principal John Taylor wrote: ‘We are really pleased that Ofsted recognised our success in creating a unique school where “pupils enjoy coming to school and like the strong sense of community. Where they “are considerate towards one another and find joy in learning new things”; where they “can focus on their learning because low-level disruption in lessons is rare’, and where they “value the academic opportunities provided for them and take part in activities that help to extend their learning.”

This Ofsted report is a testament to the commitment of all the staff and students in the school to live up to our values of social justice, community, empathy and kindness, and endeavour. Together we will continue to build a school where all of our students are determined and able to create a better future for themselves and their communities.’

The lead inspector wrote in her report:

Pupils are safe and well cared for. They enjoy coming to school and like the strong sense
of community. Pupils understand the school values of social justice, endeavour, kindness
and know why these are important.

Pupils are considerate towards one another. Bullying is rare. When it happens, pupils said
that leaders work with them to sort out any issues quickly.

Pupils value the academic opportunities provided for them. They work hard in lessons. Pupils are resilient and determined even when they find work challenging

Pupils take part in activities that help to extend their learning. The school uses its strong
links with business and industry partners.

Sixth-form students are mature role models and act as mentors for younger pupils. They
support other pupils to develop leadership skills. Pupils said the training helps them to
develop self-confidence when speaking in public.

Pupils are keen to succeed and find joy in learning new things. They can focus on their
learning because low-level disruption in lessons is rare.

Pupils take full advantage of the opportunities made
available to them. They take part in a range of fundraising events for local charities. Pupils
spoke about their social responsibility to work for the good of other people.

The majority of pupils stay at the school and continue their studies at the sixth form. They
appreciate the varied post-16 offer. Teachers give pupils helpful support on how to apply
to university and apprenticeships. Pupils are well prepared for their next steps in

Dan Cundy, executive principal, comments, ‘this report is a reflection of the vision , tenacity and clear-sightedness of principal John Taylor and team. It really captures what we know is a very special school with a community which genuinely lives its values every day. We are proud of the report as we are every success story coming out of South Bank University Academy.’

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