Prestigious apprenticeship and university destinations for South Bank University Academy students

Students at South Bank University Academy are celebrating very pleasing results and destinations on A level results day. 

There are a number of real success stories with SBUA students progressing onto exciting next steps, including to highly selective universities and degree apprenticeships.

For example, Quinn achieved A*AAA at A level and is progressing to the University of Manchester to study maths and philosophy. Charlie is heading off to UCL to study history. 

Notably this year, there are a good number of students who have progressed through highly competitive selection processes onto degree apprenticeship programmes: these offer students the opportunity to start their careers at prestigious companies with their university studies paid for by their employers. Degree apprenticeships are increasingly popular nationally and often very heavily oversubscribed. 

Principal Annette Moses said ‘It’s such a positive thing to see students seeing all their hard work, often in challenging circumstances, pay off in their results. I am thrilled to see so many students securing their first choice destinations.’

Of those students progressing onto apprenticeship pathways, Shereef is joining JP Morgan. Shyne is heading off to Wates to start his career in quantity surveying. Victoria is joining Sir Robert McAlpine on a sustainability management pathway. Kiaran meanwhile is joining Accenture for his degree apprenticeship. 

Caption: L to R, Lorenzo, Charlie, Victoria celebrating their excellent results

For many SBUA students, an apprenticeship destination is now first choice. Executive Principal Dan Cundy commented, ‘South Bank University Academy is a values-led school and its focus on developing students’ employability has made our students highly sought-after. As part of the London South Bank University Group our students have benefited from a range of enrichment and support opportunities.’

Staff at SBUA wish our students every success in their future endeavours and are keeping in touch with our alumni to pass on their wisdom, advice and guidance. We look forward to hearing their stories!

Caption: Rachel and Eyul both secured their first choice destinations, studying paramedic science and psychology respectively.

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