The Visionaries – helping sixth former’s become young adults

In partnership with The Visionaries, at the start of the year Year 12 students participate in a collective journey supporting their transition into Sixth Form and into young adulthood, going beyond the scope of the academic curriculum. Every student in the year group is invited to embark on The Visionaries ‘Changemaker’ Programme with their peers and school staff. The programme involves a series of workshops in school, 5-days immersion living in nature, and culminates in a community celebration ceremony. This shared experience provides students with an important reflective space alongside their studies to grow into healthy, happy and successful young adults. The journey also help students and school staff to develop strong bonds and positive relationships. The programme builds towards a ‘nature solo’, that offers important space for reflection and growth.

During the programme we explore important life questions such as ‘How can I live a joyful life?’, ‘What is my role in my community?’, and ‘What is most important to me?’. The programme allows students and staff to collectively build a healthy culture, and develop the ways of communicating and relating to one another that support their time in school to be a positive and enriching space to learn, to play and to socialise. 

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