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All students at South Bank University Academy are expected to wear their uniform in its entirety to the Academy as it is an important part of our collective identity and sense of community. Each student will be an ambassador for the Academy and it is important that they present themselves as ambassadors at all times, including when they are in public places or travelling to and from the Academy.


  • Pencil Case (preferably clear for KS4)
  • Green Pen
  • Ruler
  • Compass
  • Rubber
  • Scientific calculator
  • Black pens (more than one)
  • Pencils (more than one)
  • Protractor
  • Sharpener
  • South Bank University Academy Planner
  • South Bank University Academy school bag 
  • Black Rucksack (*YEAR 10 & 11 ONLY)
  • Charged Chromebook


Hair must be worn in appropriate style. They must not contain any patterns or be in a style or colour the school governors believe will undermine the ethos of the school.


Must be clear and natural. If students have false nails, they will be asked to remove them immediately. 


It is very important in the Academy that students are able to engage in all activities. Jewellery can be dangerous for many activities and therefore unsuitable for The Academy.  Students will therefore only be permitted to wear small single stud earrings (plain gold or plain silver), one in each lobe and a watch. Watches may be handed to a teacher during certain activities such as P.E.  Students with additional piercings will be asked to remove them immediately. 

By coming to the academy in your correct uniform you show that you are proud to be a member of South Bank University Academy. By wearing it correctly around the school, you show you are ready to learn and prepared to work in a professional environment with like-minded peers and teachers. You should always wear uniform when coming to and leaving school. Students are not allowed to wear hooded jumpers or caps to and from school. Any items worn or found on students that are prohibited will be confiscated and returned at the end of the week.

Students will be greeted at the gate each morning.

All Year 7 students will be provided with an Academy backpack on their first day at the Academy.

*Year 10 & 11 students can use a plain black rucksack for a school bag but it must be large enough to carry an A4 folder and a PE Kit.

The Academy’s Uniform is available only from Whitehall Clothiers:

Whitehall clothiers
77 Camberwell Road
Telephone: 0207 703 3604

Whitehall clothiers
77 Camberwell Road

Telephone: 0207 703 3604

Email: will@whitehallclothiers.co.uk

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