Admissions Procedure

Welcome to the South Bank University Academy Admissions information page. Please view our and our admissions policy.

Academy Admissions Contact Details

For the admissions team please contact Ms K Barrett
Telephone: 020 7277 3000 Email:
Address: Trafalgar Street, London, SE17 2TP

Year 7 Applications

The Academy has an admission number of 150 in Year 7.

For admissions into the next year’s Year 7, Parents and Carers are required to complete an online application form (known as the “Common Application Form” -CAF) which can be found at or will be available from your child’s Primary School.  No applications direct to the Academy can be accepted.

If the deadline for submitting your child’s secondary application has now passed you will not be able to apply online for your child’s secondary school place and you should complete a secondary application form which you can download from the Southwark Council website:, alternatively, you can request for a paper secondary application form from the school admissions team from Southwark council (School admissions team (4th floor), Hub 2, children’s services, Southwark Council, PO Box 64529, London SE1P 5LX Tel: 020 7525 5337 Email: to be posted to you instead.

Years 12-13 Applications

South Bank University Academy has an agreed Published Admissions Number (PAN) of 85 students in Year 12 & 13.

Where there is space within Year 13 (i.e. where there are fewer than 85 students in the year group) the Academy will admit additional students up to this number using the oversubscription criteria below in to this year group. However, the Academy will prioritise Year 12 applications during the recruitment process.

To determine eligibility criteria for admissions, the Academy has published specific criteria in relation to minimum entrance requirements for Year 12 based on GCSE grades or other measures of prior attainment and these criteria are the same for internal and external transfers and have been published on our website, please refer to the admissions policy.

There will be right of appeal to an Independent Appeals Panel for internal Students refused transfer and external applicants refused admission. 

In-Year Applications

If you are looking for a place in South Bank University Academy because you have recently moved into the area, or your child is at another school and you feel that a change of school would benefit their education and/or general well-being, you are entitled to apply for a school place. 

Since September 2013, the law allows you to apply directly to South Bank University Academy.  Please contact Admissions at the Academy, ( to request an in-year admission form, or download here. Please note that there is no guarantee that a place will be available, but you have the right of appeal if you are refused a place.

For Parents/Carers who Wish to Appeal

Parent(s) wishing to appeal against the Academy’s decision on admissions, for any year group, should complete an Appeal Form (please click here to download the appeal form) stating the reason for the appeal, based on the published Admissions Criteria.

If you wish to appeal you must contact Admissions at the Academy ( and we will send you an appeal form to complete.

Completed forms should be sent to the Clerk to the Appeal Panel at South Bank University Academy, Trafalgar street, SE17 2TP

The Appeal Hearing

The Academy will arrange for an Independent Appeals Panel to consider the Academy’s reasons for refusal and your reasons for wanting to attend the Academy.  

The Panel will consist of 3 people (2 will have education experience and one will be an independent person with no education experience).

The Panel will consider the case put forward by you and the Academy. They must consider the admission arrangements for the Academy and the reasons why you want to attend that particular school.  The Panel must exercise its discretion by balancing the weight of your argument (for wanting to attend) against the Academy’s reasons for refusal i.e. the prejudice that one more student would cause to the education of the students already offered and the Health and Safety of all the students already attending the Academy, also taking into account the Academy’s published admission arrangements.  

The decision of the Independent Appeals Panel is binding on the admissions authority and the parents.